There are 2 main steps that need to happen to transfer a domain away from us, you need to release it from our end, then initiate the transfer from your new registrar. (or you can initiate the transfer first at your new registrar if you prefer, this wont affect it)


  1. Login to you my accounts area at
  2. Click on DOMAINS in the top menu
  3. Click MY DOMAINS from the dropdown options
  4. Find the domain you want to transfer in the list, click the ACTIVE green button on the right
  5. On the left hand menu, click RELEASE DOMAIN.
  6. In the NEW REGISTRAR TAG  box that shows, enter the IPSTAG of your NEW registrar. You may need to ask your NEW registrar for this IPSTAG code. 
  7. Click RELEASE DOMAIN button
  8. If the action is successful, you will now be able to go to your new registrar, login and click to transfer a domain to them, follow their instructions to complete the transfer, and your domain will move from us to them. 
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