1. Upload to Youtube

Inserting videos into your website Content Management System requires that you first upload the videos to a provider such as Youtube or Vimeo. Although it would be possible to host your videos on your own web server, they are often very large files and would consume large portions of both your web storage and your monthly bandwidth allowance.

External video hosting has many advantages, Google (who owns Youtube) has the fastest and most reliable servers in the world, offering much better speeds for your users and ensuring that the experience for users elsewhere on your website (who arent viewing vdeos) isnt affected by the demands of video streaming.

2. Create your embed code

a) Once your video is uploaded, go to view on it’s full page within Youtube.

b) Just below the video, click the button “Share”

c) After clicking share, a box will open below – Click the “Embed” button

d) The Embed options will appear, allowing you to create your embed code

Related videos if you want Youtube to suggest other videos after yours has finished (Best to choose no)
Privacy modes are optional click the (?) to find out more
If your video is HD select – Select “Play in HD”
Select “Use old embed code” (important)
Specify the Width of your video so that it will fit into your page (The height will automatically adjust relative to the width)
As you make changes to the options, you will see that the Embed code (in the box above the otions) will change automatically.

Once you are happy with your embed options, click on the box containing the embed code
The code will automatically highlight itself
Copy this code using (Ctrl + C) or (Rightclick>Copy)
3. Insert the embed code into your website post

Go back to your website post editing page.
In the top right of the text editing window click “HTML”

You will now be seeing the HTML code of your post.
Find where you want to insert the video (If there is any text already there)
Paste the embed code here (Ctrl + V)
Now click the “Visual” button to go back to the normal view of your post

You will see a large yellow box indicating where the video is positioned
Preview or publish the post to view the video in action