We have limited access to your WordPress website in order to prevent accidental damage and breakages to your website design, code and its search engine visibility. 

Please read the follow in full and confirm you understand the potential risks of having full admin access to the site. We will then grant full admin access to your website login.

Main settings page:  

  • On these pages you can change the permalink structure of your website's links, change the actual URL web address of the site as a whole and also limit the visibility of your website in search engines.
  • There is generally no need to change any settings here after a website is launched.
  • Accidentally changing a setting here could easily cause your whole website or certain pages to be removed from the Google search results, or even make your website unusable.

Plugins page: 

  • Websites come with the option to install extra plugins that can be used to enhance its features.
  • Many plugins that can be installed can conflict with other plugins that may already be installed.
  • Installing extra plugins can be risky and requires testing and bug fixes to ensure everything is still working correctly. There are many plugins out there that can appear to work well, but are in fact adding code or breaking existing code, which can damage the search engine compatibility of your website.
  • Disabling or deleting any plugins we have installed can also risk breaking the design or damaging the SEO of your website. 


To proceed with gaining full access to the website admin area, please confirm that you understand the risks and consequences of having access to the settings pages and plugins pages, and that Alloy Marketing Ltd cannot accept responsibility for any visual/code breakages or negative SEO impacts from changes to the configuration of your website. We are happy to help if anything does go wrong, but any corrective fixes will be billable.