After many years switching from company to company searching for the highest reliability and response times, we currently utilise dedicated servers from one of the best UK datacentre networks. So If you cant access your website, it’s very likely you have triggered a security lockout and it is just your home IP address (or mobile phone IP address) that has been blocked from your site and the rest of the world can access it just fine.

What causes your IP to be blocked?

  1. A security lockout can occur if you try to login to your website and get the password wrong several times.
  2. It can also be caused by loading many pages in a short period of time – this can look suspicious to the server and triggers a lockout of your IP address.
  3. Use this website to find out if your website is down for everyone, or whether it is just you that is blocked.

If its just you that is blocked out, you could:

  1. Wait for 24 hours and you will then be allowed to access the website.
  2. Or if you need access right away, please visit Google and search for My IP
  3. At the top of the Google results page you will see:
  4. Your public IP address is (example)

Please send over this IP address in an email, and it will be added to the servers Allow list and so this IP will not be blocked again.