Google Workspace (Google Apps Users)

  • We do not need to send emails, only receive them, so a new Google Workspace user account is not required.
  • You can save the cost of an extra user by asking your admins to setup a default route for email.

Google Workspace - Admin email routing

To configure this an administrator will login to the Admin console (, then navigate to Apps > Google Workspace > Gmail > Routing > then choose

Add setting. There are several settings to select.

  1. First, choose the email envelope recipients—you can route incoming mail to be sent to one or more accounts. For individual email forwarding, choose Single recipient, then specify the email address of the account whose email you want to forward. eg:
  2. Next, choose Modify message, and select the checkbox to the left of "Add more recipients." After you select the box, choose Add, then enter the email address of the one or more addresses.
  3. Next click "Add X-GM-Original-To header" button. 
  4. Next click "Change Envelope recipient"
  5. Then, change the radio button for the third setting - recognised to "Perform this action on non-recognised and addresses,"
  6. Then select Save to preserve your new email routing rule. Now, when incoming email arrives for the recipient, it will be routed to not only the addressed  recipient, but also the other email address you specified (our email